Personal Stories from the 1914-18 War


C:\Users\User\Pictures\WOLFORD PEOPLE\Sam Hall           1899-1971.jpgSon of John and Jane Hall and brother of Ernest, aged 1 in 1901. Again, probably related to the famous five above, but precise relationship unknown.

From Mrs Warriner’s writings:

"1/8 Royal Warwicks.  C Coy.

"Joined up June 7th 1918 Age 19 years, at Coventry in the Royal Warwicks as a Private. I went from Coventry to Budbrook barracks.  I was sent from there to Dover where I did my training.  I came home on leave on September 13th 1918.  Went to France September 23rd 1918, straight into the firing line.  Went to Etaples September 24th 1918.Went to Rouen September 28th. Left Rouen on October 3rd. Helped capture different places until I was wounded November 4th 1918 by a shell in the chest.  I was carried back to the first dressing station where I became unconscious and was operated on the same day for which they removed a piece of shrapnel out of my left lung.  I had another operation on Nov. 20th at Rouen.  I was transferred to England Dec. 23rd when they brought me to the 5th Southern General Hospital where I was operated on, on Mar 26th 1919 for removal of decayed bone.  Operated on again on April 9th 1919.  After then I was removed from Portsmouth to Cosham Hospital where I remained until I was discharged unfit for service again on June 3rd 1919".