Personal Stories from the 1914-18 War


From Mrs Warriner's writings:

"No. 30568, Royal Army Medical Corps"

"Enlisted the 17th August 1914. Trained at Aldershot and the London Hospital, Whitechapel E. C.  Mobilised at Bordon Camp and went to the 70th Field Ambulance attached to the 23rd Division to France in August 1915. Was at the battles of the Somme, Friecourt, 'O.G. 1 & 2', Contalmaison, Le Saures. Was slightly wounded at Martenpouche. From the Somme we went to Ypres, were there twelve months; saw the Battle of Hill 60, where I was attached to the advanced operating station.  The last engagement I was in in Belgium was the Messines Ridge, 19l7.  In October 1917 we went to Italy to assist the Italians in stopping the Austrians on the Piave engagements in Italy; met the Austrians on the 7th June 1918 on the Asiago Plateau We crossed the Piave and kept the Austrians retreating until Armistice was signed, and came home in February 1919."