Personal Stories from the 1914-18 War


From Mrs Warriner's writings:

"On August 4th 1914 being a member of the 1st 3rd South Midland Field Ambulance R A M C T with others of course had to join our units here in Bristol a great number of the Division having already gone to camp for the yearly training which was the case with several men belonging to Wolford most of them I believe belonging to the 5th Battalion Gloucester Regiment which of course is part of the South Midland Division, afterwards known as the 48th Division.

"During the month of August a great part of the Division started on the march camping at various place until they reached Chelmsford or one of the villages around there.  I myself staying in Chelmsford where they were engaged in preparing themselves at a later date to go over to France which took place during March of 1915.  I cannot say if they all went to Southampton to embark as myself I had gone over to France before to join the 4th Division, joining the 48th Division again at Armentieres where most of the Division saw their first days of the Great War.
"After being there for fourteen days the Division moved to take over a part of the line at Plug Street where a stay of about three months was made and it was there that one of the first men from Wolford [Jack Aston] was killed and buried in the wood with others of the 5th Gloucester Regiment.

"On leaving there we went to another part of the front, taking over from the French a part of the line at Sallie au Bois and Herbertune and was round there for some months myself leaving the Division on detached duty with the Fourth Army at Amiens, and various other divisions, going to Ypres for the great battle there three different times during 1915 and 1916 also Albert where again I met the Division and saw several men from Wolford.

"In 1917 I was one of the men selected to go to Italy on Gen. Plumer mission, and a little time after came the 48th Division, and there again met several people from Wolford and the district, and I was there till the end of the War.

"On the 12th November 1918 I was ordered to join the British Military Mission to the Balkan States, and left the next day for Munich, returning to Italy again in February 1919, afterwards going into Austria and almost all the towns of any importance belonging to the Balkan States coming back to Paris for the Peace Conference and remained there until after the signing of the Peace; I returned to Rome two days afterwards and went on to Fiume and various places around that district. I returned to England in February 1920 when I returned to civil life again and sure am sure was like all the others that did get back, very grateful to be back safe."