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Sheldon TapestrySheldon Tapestry of Warwickshire, late 16C

This website is for all those interested in Wolford History, whether they be serious students, children working on local history projects, casually interested villagers or visitors.

These articles and photographs, written and acquired during the last thirty five years, are included here in various categories .

Website Content

Articles : This section contains articles previously published in various magazines, including "The LINK"

Memories : Over the years several past residents have written about their lives in The Wolfords

Education in The Wolfords : Included here are a brief history of schooling in The Wolfords and the memories of Mrs Lucy, taken from a recording of interviews in the 1980s, who went to the Wolford School in the early twentieth century.

The Church in The Wolfords : These articles cover various aspects of the Church including a history of the building and non-conformism in the two villages.

The Wolfords at War : This section contains much about life in The Wolfords during wartime, together with biographies of those commemorated on the Wolford War Memorial and some personal recollections of armed service.

Photographs : Included here are a selection of photographs illustrating in particular significant changes and events in The Wolfords.

External Links : This section is for the more studious, with links to websites likely to be of interest to the more inquisitive historian.

Finally, this website is very much a work-in-progress. All comments, criticism and suggestions for further content will be gratefully received via the contact form.

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